What Gasing Meridian says...


KUALA LUMPUR: Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd (GMSB) said the High Court had on Monday dismissed applications for judicial review by various complainants living in the vicinity of GMSB's property in Kuala Lumpur.

The court also discharged the order for stay obtained by the complainants in April 2008.

In its statement, GMSB said it was pleased that its position has been vindicated by the decision of the court, which had acknowledged that the applicable legislation regulating planning permission in Kuala Lumpur is the Federal Territories Planning Act 1982.

GMSB said all approvals including the Development Order, Hoarding Permit and Earthworks Permit, has been obtained according to strict regulatory requirements and procedures.

The project has also been independently reviewed by the Sensitivity Committee of the Federal Territories Ministry, which is made up of 13 agencies.

GMSB added that the development was not part of a forest reserve as mistakenly perceived by the public.

The subject lands have been privately owned and held under subdivided and issued titles with the express land use condition of "Bangunan" since 1977 -- well before any of the complainants came to live in the area.

GMSB also said there had been no change in land use or increase of residential density. As such, no public hearing is required in accordance with the Federal Territories Planning Act 1982.

GMSB said the geology of the area was safe and sturdy.

For almost two decades, it has sustained not only many bungalows but even condominiums weighing over 64,000 tonnes each.

It highlighted the fact that in comparison, the load per bungalow is less than 180 tonnes each, which is 0.14 per cent of the load exerted by each condominium.