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Bukit Gasing residents wins court appeal against City Hall over hillside development


I refer to The Star newspaper articles dated 21 November 2009 on the above.


I wish to comment on the following:


“According to Mr Ashok Menon, Chairman of Maxwell Towers Joint Management Body (JMB)

the DBKL allowed a public hearing when:


· there’s a change of density;

· there’s a change of land use; and

· anything that affects the residents.


However, the third ruling was amended 18 years ago, hence residents do not have a say if the development does not affect density or land use.”


This is indeed a very interesting and peculiar case.  If the Court agree and in favour of the residents complaints, what will happen to all the development approval which was approved by DBKL where back since 18 years ago? Doest this means that all previous approved developments can now be challenge in Court by other interested parties? However, if in the end the Court agreed and in favour of DBKL it is definitely a waste of time and taxpayer money to entertainment the complaint in the first place!



Kuala Lumpur



Cheers for Residents & Glooms for Land Owners

I refer to the Court of Appeal decision 2-1 on the propose Bukit Gasing development in favour of the Resident against DBKL and a private developer which was published in the Sun paper on 21st November 2009.

Having bought one of the bungalows, I have checked all the documents: this property has been privately held and issued with land title since 1970s. What is the use of having the National Land Code, various acts and laws to govern how land is to be developed, when busybody neighbours can jam the project by simply lodging ridiculous court applications?

I would agree with their plight if the land was a forest reserve being converted.  However, their actions instead speak of a selfish desire to deny others from rightfully living on what has been approved as residential lots for 30 years!

Gloomy Landowner
1 Dec 2009