We have received a surprising number of responses to our recent postings in respect of the ongoing case launched by certain Bukit Gasing residents against DBKL.  The case involves an approved bungalow residential estate in the KL portion of Bukit Gasing.  We have collected some of these opinions and append them below, as we at bukitgasing.org agree that this is a particularly important issue. Stay tuned for future postings!




Nice Neighbourhood


I refer to the star article dated 21 November 2009 “One-up for Bukit Gasing folk”.  I have been following on this case since it started because of its unique nature that involves 108 residents in the neighbourhood go against the DBKL development order.  It also makes me very curious and decided to visit Bukit Gasing vicinity earlier this year.  To my surprise this place has such low density and is so close to the city.  I can understand why existing residents would not want new ones to invade their sanctuary!





Justice for the Little People of Bukit Gasing


Finally, the courts of the Malaysia are listening to the demands of ordinary citizens. For too long, our judges have either been forced to bend to the greed of politicians and businesses. Hopefully, this judgement on the part of YA Datuk Paduka Zaleha and Datuk Mohd Hishamudin will send a clear message that Kuala Lumpur is overdeveloped and that the planning laws must be changed!


Victorious Resident



Comments on the COA ruling on Bukit Gasing Development.

[ Saturday Metro, 21 November 2009 ]


I read with dismay, but with due respect to Maxwell Towers JMB chairman Ashok Menon .


Yes, tax –payers must be given a chance to voice their opinions.  However, the developer’s right to develop the privately titled land must be respected as well. As a corporate citizen, they are one of the many tax-payers as well.


We have to bear in mind that City Council is not NGO.  If there is no development, there would not be any new business opportunity.


If all the development must be given public hearing, I can’t imagine what will happen to our country’s investment climate.


A Hov

30th Nov 2009